Forum for Environment (FfE) is a legally registered not-for-profit and non-political Ethiopian Residents Charity Organization established to serve as a platform for environmental advocacy and communication. FfE deals with environment and climate change related issues with a special focus on the following five major thematic areas: Forestry, Protected Areas, Urban Environment, Energy, and Climate Change. It strives to achieve a long-term and sustainable development to contribute to poverty alleviation and betterment of life of the target communities through raising public awareness on community based adaptation practices and environmental protection.

The major tools FfE has been using for its awareness raising and environmental advocacy activities include, among others, capacity building, training, network building, communicating information, policy level discussions, public meetings, commissioning researches, publications, radio programs, and incentive and acknowledgement schemes. FfE is now developing a five-year strategic plan that would help it re-design its programs by way of linking its awareness raising and environmental advocacy activities to implementation of development projects which will benefit grass root communities.


To see sustainably managed environment and environmentally sensitive and climate resilient society in Ethiopia.


To provide a base for attitudinal change and build a climate resilient society through capacity building, community mobilization, networking and partnership in selected regions of Ethiopia.

Strategic Objectives

  • Increased adaptation capacity of the most vulnerable community groups against climate change
  • Reduced the level of Green House Gases (GHGs) emissions through taking mitigation measures
  • Promote clean and safe urban environment
  • Enhance environmental awareness of the public and voice on environment & climate change related issues

Program Focus

  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation
    • Watershed management (a focus on soil and water conservation practices and afforestation/reforestation)
    • Promotion of energy saving technologies and renewable energy sources
    • Piloting Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) and Sustainable Environment Social Accountability (SESSA) for carbon sequestration
  • Urban environment
    • Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
    • Waste management
    • Air and noise pollution
    • Urban greening
  • Awareness and communication and education on climate change and environment
    • Public awareness
    • Incentive schemes
    • Research/studies
    • Documentation and publication